Swab America and Save Lives

Bone marrow transplants are but one of the many methods doctors use to cure blood cancer, and other disease. In fact, they’re sometimes bone marrow transplants are the only way to cure certain forms of the disease. However, doctors are sometimes unable to perform this life-saving procedure for one simple reason: There isn’t enough registered bone marrow donors. Only 2% of Americans are registered bone marrow donors, and this small percentage has led to a severe shortage, and death. 

At Team Up Cancer, we found a legislative solution to this issue. Our current goal is to create a law that would require physicians  to add the following question to their new patient question intake form: “Are you a registered bone marrow donor?” Any eligible patients who answer “No” would then receive information on how to become registered donors. This legislation could cause 15% of Americans to become registered donors by 2025 and save countless lives in the process.

Click here to learn more about the bone marrow registry and the desperate need for an increase in donors.
How you can help us:

1. Contact your state legislators and implore them to pass this legislation. • Click here to find your state legislator. (https://openstates.org) • Click here for a sample letter.

2.  Share this page with your friends and family and ask them to contact their legislators.

3.  Get Involved.

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States That Have Introduced Bone Marrow Legislation

1.  Missouri  House Bill 1953 -  Passed both chambers ( Watch the news news story

2.  Illinois Senate Bill 3062 - Passed both Chambers
3.  Oregon Senate Bill 744 -  Intoduced and commitee hearing in 2017 and will be reintoduced in 2018