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Up Cancer
Cancer Survivors Need Better Dental Care!
Team Up Cancer is advocating legislators to increase access to dental care for cancer patients

Chemotherapy Can Affect Dental Hygiene

Chemotherapy can affect the salivary glands, thus causing them to reduce saliva production. A reduction in saliva production is xerostomia or dry mouth.  Saliva production is vital to oral hygiene because it helps to prevent tooth decay. Saliva neutralizes acid on your teeth and gums, preventing it from attacking the tooth enamel causing cavities. Chemotherapy can affect the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria in the mouth. Dry mouth can allow the harmful bacteria to take over and attach to your teeth and promote tooth decay.

Dental Care for Cancer Survivors

Dental pain from chemotherapy can affect the quality of life of cancer survivors. Some chemotherapy and radiation can affect teeth. We are advocating legislators to make sure cancer survivors can get the dental care they need.  
2019 Missouri is the first state to increase access to dental care for cancer patients 
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Missouri House Bill 808 requires insurance companies, including MO HealthNet, to cover medically necessary dental procedures that are a result of cancer treatments.