Approximately 9 out of 10 young adults are NOT given the option to freeze their eggs/sperm prior to chemotherapy!

Fertility Protection
Many young adult cancer patients lost the ability to have children in the future because their oncologist did not discuss the option to freeze their eggs or sperm prior to treatment.
Since the mid-1950s, doctors known that Chemotherapy and Radiation in the pelvic area may cause a woman or a man to become sterile. 
Since the 1980’s women have been able to freeze unfertilized eggs, and men have been able to freeze sperm prior to 1800.  

Only 1 out of 10 young adults diagnosed with cancer are told about the option to freeze eggs or sperm prior to cancer treatment.  This means after 30 years of this technology, 9 out of 10 young
adults diagnosed with cancer are NEVER told of this option. 

We need your help to make a the discussion about fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment a standard oncology practice. 
1. Ask your Oncologist to sign the pledge to discuss fertility options prior to treatment.

2.  Write a letter to your state legislator asking them to pass this legislation:  
  Click here to find your state legislator.  Can up please send us a copy

3.  Share the information with your friends and family, and ask to write to their legislators

4.  Click Here to volunteer.

5. Support Team Up Cancer


States That Have Introduced Fertility Legislation

1.  Missouri  House Bill 2388  -  Intoduced 2018

2.  Illinois Senate Bill 3063 - Intoduced 2018
3.  Oregon Senate Bill 859 -  Intoduced and commitee hearing in 2017 and will be reintoduced with new language 2018


We need your help to bring awareness to this vital issue.  Sign up today!