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Babies Bring us Happiness !

Babies Bring Us Happiness

Help Cancer Survivors Have Babies!

Babies bring us happiness!
Babies bring us laughter!
Babies bring us smiles!

Send a quick note to your state legislators so cancer survivors can enjoy the happiness of a baby.

Receiving cancer treatments is vital to patient health, but chemotherapy can create a lasting impact on fertility. Chemotherapy has the potential to damage reproductive organs and damage cells.  Damage from chemotherapy can make it impossible to conceive a child or may result in frequent miscarriages.

Did you know that health insurance covers fertility issues? It does, once a person is having issues with fertility, they are able to see a fertility specialist.  When cancer survivor is eligible for health insurance to cover fertility treatment it is too late.

Imagine never being able to hold a baby of your own, yet a simple procedure to freeze eggs or sperm is possible for cancer survivors to conceive a child.

Insurance does not cover this simple procedure for freezing eggs or sperm. As a result, a cancer survivor is infertile.

Please write a short note to your state legislator today to tell them you are in favor of the "Baby Riley Cancer Survivor Act." 
"Baby Riley Cancer Survivor Act" 
2020 States that are working on "Baby Riley Cancer Survivor Act"
patients and have introduced the Fertility legislation.
Click on the state flag to see current legislation​. 
Kentucky Senate Bill 108    AN ACT relating to coverage for medically necessary fertility preservation services

Send Testimony to Senator to Senator Julian Carrol  [email protected]
New York Legisltion Passed in 2019 
New York Assembly Bill 4506 Provides that policies issued in this state that provide coverage for hospital, surgical, or medical care shall provide coverage for standard fertility preservation services when a necessary cancer treatment may directly or indirectly cause iatrogenic infertility to a covered person.
Send testimony to Assembly Woman Michaelle Solages  [email protected]
 Who is Baby Riley? 

Who is Baby Riley?  Riley has become one of the most popular unisex names in the United States. Since Riley is a common male and female name,  Baby Riley name is precious it is dedicated to all the cancer survivors who never able to experience the joy of childbirth!  Second, Baby Riley is dedicated to all the futures baby boys and girls that will be born because of the Baby Riley Cancer Survivor Act. 

Become a Volunteer 

Your help is vital in bring awareness to your legislator.  Become a volunteer today and Team Up Cancer!