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What is grassroots lobbying?

Grassroots lobbying means influencing government decision makers through indirect pressure (usually in the form of letters, emails, phone calls, meetings) from large numbers of constituents (people). This is also called indirect lobbying. Influence can come from citizens coming together and forming a petition in the form of signatures, so it provides more attention on a specific issue and legislative concerns get attention in order to create change.

Grassroots lobbying plays a big role in the decision-making taken by federal and state government. In simple words, lobbying can influence a senator or representative to act on a pending bill in order to work and communicate with the people that elected him or can get him or her elected in the upcoming years.
In order for legislative changes to occur, there must be an approving of a bill, this sometimes can be very difficult and time-consuming. This upcoming video will show everything a bill has to go through in order to get processed (make sure to double click the image for a video to appear).

Watch the Video on how a bill becomes a law courtesy of Crash Course by PBS
Steps for Legislative Changes to Occur

  1. The legislator must introduce the bill
  2. ​Committee hearing must take place.
  3. The bill needs to be voted out of committee.
  4. The House of Representatives or Senate needs to vote on the bill.
  5. The other chamber, House of Representatives or Senate, has a committee hearing. 
  6. The bill is voted out of committee
  7. The bill is then voted out of the other chamber
  8. The bill is signed into law by the President or State Governor to sign the bill into law.