Stop the Wait

For blood Cancer Patients

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Stop the wait is the difference between life and death.

  • On Average, 7,500 Americans are waiting for a blood stem cell donation.

  • Less than half will ever find a match.  

  • Only 2 percent of Americans are registered blood stem cell/bone marrow donors.

  • 7 out of 10 Matches come from non-family patients 

  • Waiting for a blood stem cell match is the difference between life and death.  Blood cancer patients can only receive a match when they are in remission.  Sometimes this can be a narrow window of time.  If there is no available donor, they are unable to receive a lifesaving match.  

Team Up Cancer has a plan to "Stop the Wait" for blood cancer patients
We are lobbying legislators to recommend primary care and urgent care physicians  and staff to ask new patients if they are registered stem cell donor.  They can ask new patients by adding a question to the new patient medical intake form.  If they are not registered donors, they are given information to become a stem cell donor. 
  Why are only 2 percent of Americans are registered bone marrow donors/blood stem cell donors?  

  • Reason one:  people don’t know about Be that Match and becoming a registered donor.  
  • Reason two:  people have heard it is a painful process.  It was back in the 70's-80's, but since 1986 majority of all stem cell donations only use and IV.  
  • Reason three:  most people believe you become a registered stem cell donor by becoming a oregon donor on the dmv registry.  Stem cell donation is done live vers the donor registry

Next Steps:
  • Become a registered bone marrow donor today go to
  • Spread the Word about Stop the Wait legislation
  • Become a Team Up Cancer Volunteer
  • Your financial support assist us to do this life saving work