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Up Cancer

On average, 7,500 patients are waiting for a lifesaving bone marrow transplant. 
Less than half find a lifesaving match.

Help Stop the Wait for Blood Cancer Patients 

Bone marrow donations or Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation (PBSD) are vital because they are the only cure for some forms of blood cancer and rare blood diseases. Many blood cancer and rare blood disease victims would be alive today if they had received bone marrow transplant or PBDS. Team Up Cancer is determined to fix this and we need your help to make this happen.

People from infants to seniors in their 70’s can benefit from bone marrow donations, yet Be the Match, the National Marrow Donor Program, notes that only 2% of Americans are registered bone marrow donors. Furthermore, 70% of bone marrow donations or Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation (PBSD) must come from outside a patient’s family, so cancer patients can’t always rely on family members to donate their bone marrow.​

Waiting on a bone marrow transplant can be the difference between life and death

 Blood cancer patients can only receive a bone marrow transplant when they have no signs of cancer. They must go through chemotherapy until they are in remission. Remission is when there are no signs of cancer. The period of remission can only last weeks, so the timing of a bone marrow transplant is critical to saving a patient’s life. When a person does not find a match, they are forced to wait.  When waiting takes too long, the family has a funeral.

No one needs to die for they did not find a bone marrow transplant 

Team Up Cancer is determined to fix this! Your help by writing to your state legislator is critical in growing the pool of registered bone marrow donors. 
When you applied for your driver’s license, do you remember the question, "Do you want to be an organ donor?" Someone had to advocate the DMV/legislators to get that question to add to your driver’s license.  
While I was visiting my friend, Todd Massari, in the hospital, I learned that Germany per capita donates more bone marrow than the rest of the world. I asked why do Germans donate more bone marrow? I learned that doctors educate their patients about the bone marrow registry. ​

I came up with the idea why don’t I ask legislators to create a law that recommends doctors educate new patients about the bone marrow registry. 

A simple solution that takes time to implement.   We need your help. Help us connect with your local state legislators to introduce or vote in favor of legislation to have primary care and urgent care physicians educate their patients about the bone marrow registry. Secondly, we need your financial support to continue to contact, meet, advocate legislators, and attend legislative committee meetings to advocate for the legislator to Stop the Wait Act for blood cancer and rare blood diseases. 
The 3 different ways people receive a peripheral blood stem cell transplant or bone marrow treansplant

Missouri Representative and M.D.  Jim Neely discusses why he introduced the Stop the Wait Act for blood cancer patients and rare blood diseases

2019 States That Have Introduced the Stop the Wait Act for Blood Cancer Patients and Rare Blood Disease
Click on the state flag to see the legislation


HB 5547 :  An act requiring physicians to educate their patients regarding the national marrow donor program.

Send public testimony to  [email protected]

SB 1098 BONE MARROW DONATION – Adds to existing law to provide that physicians may inquire if patients are bone marrow donors and offer them information on the bone marrow registry.

Send public testimony to Idaho Senator  Fred Martin  [email protected]

Send public testimony to Iowa Senator Mariannette Miller-Meeks [email protected]


Senate Bill 220 An act relating to a bone marrow registry.

Send public testimony to Senator Ralph Alvardo [email protected] 

LB541 - Provide a duty for the Department of Health and Human Services relating to bone marrow

Send public testimony to Senator Lynn Walz  [email protected]
New Mexico

HB 638 Relating to public health; allowing patient inquiry regarding the bone marrow registry; expanding the public education of the bone marrow registry.

Send public testimony to New Mexico Representative JoAnne Ferrari [email protected]
New York 

Assembly 5370  Requires the department of public health to develop and disseminate information regarding bone marrow donor programs and authorizes primary care providers and urgent care physicians to provide such information to patients.

Send public testimony to Assembly Woman Michaelle C. Solages: 

  Click on one of the pictures below to view the states that have passed the Stop the Wait Act,  watch Team Up Cancer on the news, and learn how you can make a difference